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We are happy to introduce the newly designed section in our Customer area  - Exclusive Support Services. As we were actively adding new services over the last months and this process will continue, it was necessary to create this new section for easier navigation and better customer experience. The new design also comes together with the launch of some brand new services. The new section wraps up our exclusive support services in 4 categories.

1. Website Promotion Services

This category includes whole bunch of  services to help you make your website more popular and attractive and generate more traffic. Here you can find the brand new services like Search Engines Submission, Google Analytics Integration, Google Webmasters Tools Integration, SiteMap Generation, as well as the already popular FREE Marketing Credits, provided by SiteGround in association with MySpace MyAds and BidVertiser.

2. Script Assistance Section

Under the Script Assistance category you can request extra development work if your website uses any of the open source applications we have long experience in supporting. You can request a script installation, script migration, application upgrade, application integration, post custom support requests and many more. Now you can more easily request professional script assistance and take advantage of the high-level of expertise our professional tech agents have in supporting script applications. It is an ideal solutions for those who want some custom work on their websites but don't want to spend thousands on hiring their own developer.

3. Website Security Section

Apart from the other previously available extras such as Spam Killer and Anti-Virus protection and SSH access, this section includes both Standard and Advanced Malicious code cleaning services, which we are offering widely as extra features for the first time. The process includes a full security audit of your hosting account for vulnerable applications or components and removal of any harmful or suspicious code for greater account security.

4. Website Design Services

The Web Design Section is the new home of our exclusive design services. You can brush up the look of your website with one of our extremely popular web design templates, request an installation of your own website theme or get a professional advice from our designers on a custom solution.

We have also added a special Exclusive services section for our dedicated solutions clients. Their Exclusive support section is extended with one more category of services, offered exclusively to accommodate the special needs of clients with dedicated servers. They are available as extra services to the default setup of the server to add extra power and enhance website performance.

To check out the brand new features and look of our Exclusive support section, just log in to your Customer area by following the link below:

Exclusive Support Services for SiteGround Clients

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