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The Force Was With Us This Year

This was one of the most eventful and amazing years in the history of SiteGround and not surprisingly, we had one of the best end-of-year celebrations to commemorate it.

It was a year of fast growth with so many new and exciting things happening. We opened our first office abroad (in Spain). We almost doubled our employees. We moved our hosting infrastructure to an entirely new and a lot more powerful setup. And these are just a few of the many. Looking back on the past year and all the achievements and the hard work that we put into it, one could definitely say that the force was strong with us this time around.

So when we heard that the Star Wars Episode VII premiere coincided with the date of our End of Year party, we knew that was THE theme. We started the day gathering all 270+ people from all SiteGround offices to watch the Episode VII premiere, dressed in Star Wars-thematic T-shirts. After the movie, we continued with an inspiring presentation given by Tenko (our CEO) and Ivo (Owner and Managing Partner) who made us feel that the force was getting even stronger when they showed us all the impressive numbers and achievements of the year. And finally, our celebrations ended in style with a party to remember and it quite resembled this one.

Here is how it really looked like:

Happy Holidays and may the force be with you next year!

Iskra Rasheva: Iskra cares about making customers happy and looks for ways to improve the digital content they see and the interactions they have with our platforms. A charming feature she has is her passion for bugging developers and designers until every bug is fixed.

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  • Team Siteground is the best. I found " The Sales Man" guy too in the pic. Just kidding. People are really amazing yet professional.

  • I'm a happy siteground customer and I just wanted to drop a note to thank you guys. Love how my support questions gets fully answered each time within ten minutes. Cheers and see ya around next year.

  • Congratulations on your successes. We came on board in 2015 and have been VERY impressed. Stay strong.

  • Thank you SiteGround for your incredibly fast and effective support and fast, powerful and reliable hosting.

    My best whishes for an even more successful year 2016 !

    A very happy customer.

  • Lovely to read this. And see these faces. I'm a new SiteGround 'convert' - testing waters tentatively before making the big leap from another reputable hosting provider. So far I've been blown away.

    I look forward to a long term relationship with you. Your support is second to none.

  • SiteGround is awesome and the whole team at SG deserves such an epic celebration! Keep staying ahead of the competition and providing unbeatable value and customer support!

    Cheers and Happy New Years,

  • SiteGround during the past years show us a amazing dedication for their services and support. Thank You! Happy New Year 2016 !