As far as the hardware is concerned, our dedicated offer has always been awesome. However, during the last few years we have added so many innovations to our shared hosting that our dedicated servers started to lag behind a little. Some of the options you loved so much, like the data center choice, the Joomla and WordPress Autoupdaters, the CDN service, etc.,  were not available for our dedicated server users.  The good news is that this is no longer  the case!  From now on all innovations implemented by SiteGround will be available for our dedicated server users too.

Dedicated servers in Europe and Singapore too!

kvardratcheDuring the last year we have launched server locations outside the USA, starting with offering European-based service and adding a location in Singapore few months later. At first only our shared customers had the opportunity to choose a location outside USA. Later we added this option for our semi-dedicated and our cloud users too and only our dedicated service has remained strictly US-based. Well that is no more the case – we now provide dedicated servers in any of the locations!

Geeky software now available, at no additional cost!

geekyFrom now on each dedicated server user can have the following unique tools we have developed:  CloudFlare CDN integration in the cPanel, Joomla and WordPress Autoupdaters, Joomla and WordPress staging environment, multiple PHP versions. All this software can now be installed absolutely free of charge on any dedicated server. The only condition is that once you receive this proprietary software your root access will be revoked. If you are an existing customer you can request your dedicated server setup to be changed to include all the tools above from your user area.

Performance Booster

booster4Additionally each dedicated server can be enhanced by adding a performance booster that includes a special server setup per application plus our SuperCacher. This is an extremely cost-effective software option to achieve higher performance, otherwise possible only on a much more expensive hardware. You can learn more about the booster here and add it to your existing dedicated server from the booster upgrade page in your user area.