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#CyberSecurityMonth: Real Website Horror Stories & How to Avoid Them

October, the month of pumpkin spice latte and spooky tricks, has another significant aspect to it – it’s officially Cyber Security Month. This year, at SiteGround we are excited to bring you something that underscores the vital importance of website security in a truly hair-raising way.

We’re thrilled (get it?) to announce our Website Horror Stories campaign, where we’ve gathered real-life stories of digital nightmares caused by neglecting website security, but, thankfully, fearlessly busted by SiteGround. From defaced websites, malicious file uploads, email frauds, bot traffic and vengeful former employees to long-forgotten applications that became hacker gateways – we’ve seen them all, and they all carry a crucial message: Each story is a stark reminder of the potential threats lurking in the digital shadows, ready to exploit any security oversight. Let those cautionary tales remind you of the importance of website security and using all tools and services you have to protect your website at SiteGround.

Celebrate #CyberSecurityMonth, share the Website Horror Stories campaign to spread our message about the importance of website security, and keep your site safe with SiteGround’s multilevel website security tools and services.

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