Customer Survey 2013

The company conducting the SiteGround client satisfaction survey sent me the results yesterday. Their recap in the email was short: your data is plain boring! And yes, thank God, this was not “an interesting year” as far as it comes to business results and customer satisfaction! I would like to thank all the people, who participated in our 2013 customer survey and provided us with this great feedback. Keep reading for a summary of the most important results.

Outstanding satisfaction levels. Again!

When we did the survey last year, I thought it will be very hard to reach such satisfaction levels ever again. However, 2013 was just as good, if you compare the overall satisfaction levels, and even better in terms of number of people rating  all the different aspects of our service as outstanding.


Better awareness of our geekyness

The challenge revealed by the 2012 year survey was that nearly 30% of our customers were not able to evaluate SiteGround level of technological innovation and special application expertise. This fact triggered a vast change in our overall communication strategy, including the total company rebranding. The results we have achieved are really good: the percentage of the people that perceive us as a highly innovative hosting provider with special expertise in the application they use has increased significantly, especially in the two main user groups we targeted during the last year – WordPress and Joomla users.


More new customers

We have seen a steady growth in the new customer acquisition, especially in the second part of the year after the rebranding was launched. This was clearly seen in the rise of the percentage of people that took the survey and have signed in during the last 6 months, as compared to the last year.


Next year challenges

It seems that our biggest challenge for the next year is to continue to communicate successfully our strengths and to handle the growth in a way that will not decrease the customer satisfaction levels. We also had 2 separate sets of questions for our Reseller and Cloud service users and we believe they revealed interesting opportunities for development of these segments.

And finally -- the iPad winner!

I would like to thank once again all the people that filled out the survey. The participation rate again was amazing! This year an iPad award was also drawn and it goes to Amy Archer from Sweden, who is one of the many new customers that joined in the last six month by signing up for a GoGeek account! Congratulations!