We have always been working towards creating a better customer experience through constant improvement of our services. During the last year we have heard many recommendations about our control panel: most of you wanted more information about your account performance and easier navigation. We thought a lot about that and now we have the solution: Crystal – our customized cPanel theme. It has been available in demo version for over a month and today we installed it on all our shared servers. During the demo period, many customers sent us their feedback and we did our best to fix any reported problem. Yet, if you notice any issues, please let us know.

So, what’s new there?

1.New design for better user experience – we have redesigned the left column so that it will be easier to navigate through the new tools in the cPanel.

2.Brand new analytical tools for monitoring website performance - detailed Inode, Processes Running, CPU, Executions, and HDD usage statistics. They will help you better track peaks and troughs, and indicate exactly what processed are executed and when on your account.

Note: After the video was published we added one more new statistic which is not presented there – HDD usage stats to give you an insight what amount of the HDD has been used by your account per hour for the last 48 hours.

3.New tools for direct account management - direct links for ordering some of the most preferred hosting account upgrades, rich collections of free resources, quick support section, direct SiteBuilder link and many more to help you for the management of your hosting accounts.

Note 2: When the video was created the SiteBuilder link in the Software section was not implemented yet and is not presented in the videos. This link will lead you directly to the SiteBuilder application from where you can easily start working on your website.

Important: In order to see all statistics, you have to access your cPanel via http://yourdomain.com/cpanel.

The good news is that more features will come up in Crystal soon – backup and SSH access on their way.

Last but not least, special thanks for the hard work and dedication of all people involved in this project. Today Crystal is available for you thanks to Niki, Marian, Hristo, Dimo, Jivko, and everyone else who contributed with ideas and suggestions for the theme.

We hope that Crystal will bring for all of you better user experience and easier account management with cPanel. Feel free to post your comments and feedback on the blog. Your feedback is always most welcome!