When we launched our new Cpanel theme Crystal some time ago, we asked our customers for feedback and suggestions. The top two features suggested by you were free backup and multilanguage support. So we did that.

You can now use Crystal in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. Just login at Crystal (yourdomain.com/cpanel), go to Preferences and look for the Change Language icon. Choose your language, hit “Change” and you are done. Simple enough, right?


We have also added backup functionality in our cPanel. It’s not the default backup script that cpanel offers as that script tends to overload the server. The backup script you get in Crystal is a custom one created by our team. Check out this video for details:

Last, but not least we’ve also improved the "Notices" section in our cPanel. In the "Notices" section, you will see alerts when any of your email accounts goes beyond the email quota and will provide directions on how to optimize that particular mailbox. Don’t worry! We will not disable your email accounts. On the contrary, once you’ve completed the notice instructions, your email will be working flawlessly and without any interruption.

The good news: we keep ourselves busy and will soon add more alerts and improvements. We just want to make sure that customers will not miss any important information related to their hosting accounts.

Have suggestions and opinions about Crystal? Do let us know!