Have you noticed the shiny new banner in the your cPanel and the gold cloud in front of a sunburst icon that we have added at some point last month? If not, it is time to take a good look at them, because they link to a service that can make your website faster and safer. During the last few months we have been working on the implementation of the CloudFlare CDN into our web hosting service and now it is completely ready! Why did we bother and why should you care? Because CloudFlare CDN will add ninja power to your website with just one click and at no additional cost!

See the ninja power that CloudFlare adds to your website!

  • How using CDN makes your website faster?

    CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, that consists of servers located in different data centers around the world. The content of a website that uses such a network is distributed across the web, instead of being served only by the single server where it was originally uploaded. Thus if your website that is hosted on a server in the USA is visited by someone in Australia for example, it will still load fast, as it will be served my a machine in Australia, instead of the original US server. Most of the big international websites pay tons of money for using CDN services, as they want to achieve consistency of loading speed around the globe. Now we make the technology available for all our customers in partnership with CloudFlare.

  • How CloudFlare increases security too?

    In addition to speed optimizations, CloudFlare adds some really cool security features to protect your website from a wide range of online threats like comment spam, excessive bot crawling, SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks. Based on the large number of websites that use the network CloudFlare accumulates knowledge about which traffic is good and which is bad and automatically blocks malicious traffic from reaching and possibly hurting your own website.

How to switch CloudFlare on and use it?

We have designed a brand new user interface that you will find in your cPanel. There you can activate and manage your CloudFlare CDN. You will have the choice to activate the Free version or the Plus version if you need more speed optimizations and if you want your SSL to work through the CDN too.

To learn more and get started login to your User area: https://ua.siteground.com/cloudflare.htm