Client Survey 2014


We could not have wrapped up last year without collecting feedback from our customers via the traditional client satisfaction survey. We want to thank all of you who took the time to fill it out and answer our questions. The results once again managed to exceed our expectations. We already knew that 2014 was a record year for us in terms of number of new customers added, however with growth at such fast rate it can be challenging to maintain service quality. That is why we were very excited to see that not only the number of the customers has increased, but we managed to keep, and even improve, the amazing satisfaction levels from the previous years. Below I will share a summary of the findings from the 2014 survey responses.

New Clients Are the Fastest Growing Group


It is a great recognition for our work to have so many new customers choosing SiteGround as their host. We are happy to see our dedication to deliver high service standards continued to attract new users in 2014 at a fast pace and quality hosting matters for them.

2014: Best Satisfaction Levels on Record

So, growing our client base is an outstanding achievement, but the most valuable survey result for us is your evaluation of our service. It’s rewarding that our efforts to train and improve the skills of our customer support are positively reflected in your ratings. You value our investments in better hardware for our servers and innovative technologies that make your websites load faster. We are grateful for your trust and for the highest ratings on file you gave us measuring overall satisfaction with support, speed, uptime and security. Breaking down the numbers, we also saw that the proportion of very satisfied customers in each area grows, compared to the group that is only satisfied. This motivates us to keep doing our best to maintain our reputation and give you a great customer experience.


More Clients Recommend Us

We are very thankful to all customers who actively have recommended us in their networks. This has always been a very important way for us to grow and add new clients. In 2014 we saw an increase in the people who say it's highly likely to recommend our service to their friends and colleagues.


This positive trend was also reflected in the result that a really big percentage of the people who joined us in the past year have learned about SiteGround through the recommendations of other users. They were either coming from their friends, or just people who have shared their experience with us online.

So, now we are ready to say good bye to a great 2014 and continue to strive for a quality of service that deserves your high evaluation!

Marketing Expert

With a desire to learn new things and start over I became part of the SiteGround Marketing team. Lacking any previous technical background for me hosting services were a brand new world, but I already know that the most important thing about running a good website is to have a great host!


  1. Reply March 2, 2015 / 12:38 KimSiteGround Team

    Cheers to your support team. I've dealt with many teams over the years, but none as welcoming, accommodating, knowledgeable and efficient as yours.

    Thank you!

  2. Reply March 2, 2015 / 15:21 Allan CurtisSiteGround Team

    I would like to echo that comment ... excellent service, beyond anything I have experienced with other web hosting companies. Well done!

  3. Reply March 3, 2015 / 09:57 LeonSiteGround Team

    I just can admit that Siteground is a very good hosting Service. But the most important thing why I like them, is because of the great support. I don't know any other support on this level. I also wrote a german review for you.

  4. Reply March 5, 2015 / 11:26 John AdamsonSiteGround Team

    I can only re-echo the previous comments. A fantastic team providing fantastic, prompt, efficient and professional service. Other hosting teams don't come close to this level of service. Thank you.

  5. Reply March 5, 2015 / 13:12 Mike KaroutSiteGround Team

    I have had best support from your team, keep up the good service please.

  6. Reply March 5, 2015 / 14:27 BorisSiteGround Team

    sorry but i have had several major email problems and cpu usage problems for and siteground support has not solved any of them and been of no good use. one support person told me to call Apple because i was not receiving email. great support advice. if you are having a real problem, it wont be solved. i will be leaving at the end of my contract. this survey must be a joke.

    • Reply March 6, 2015 / 04:41 HristoSiteGround Team

      Hello Boris, we are sorry to hear that you had issues with your hosting account. We cannot comment on this case since we could not identify the account in question, but if you send us more details at news at siteground dot com we will investigate further and help resolve the case. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. Reply March 5, 2015 / 14:48 beatrice johnstonSiteGround Team

    Solved my problems even at 3 am!! ... to run a website without problems we need a super web hosting! ... professionals... excellent support ,,, thank you!!

  8. Reply March 5, 2015 / 15:07 SandySiteGround Team

    Can't recommend the support team highly enough. Had to deal with support at another host last night for a client. Their best effort: log out and log in again. For a hanging site migration. Yes seriously. I know SiteGround live chat tech would have escalated to a senior tech who would have come back with a solution within half an hour. Although with your excellent wordpress hosting the migration file wouldn't have been hanging in the first place! LOVE siteground and I've been doing this for years and have worked with a lot of hosts. Keep it up guys, customer for life here!

  9. Reply March 5, 2015 / 15:50 GuySiteGround Team

    You have great support but that's it. Sorry the hosting is not that good.
    Every month im getting from you 2 alerts regarding Malware problem although im using your cleaning service.

    Its never happens to me with any other hosting company.

  10. Reply March 5, 2015 / 17:13 Jon McLarenSiteGround Team

    Hi, I work for an advertising company and a huge part of our business is our web development and website maintenance. We've been managing our own server for quite a while through a host that really just doesn't take care of the server, they leave it all on us, and that makes our lives difficult at times since we might as well have built the server ourselves and housed it internally. Due to our disliking of this, we put our biggest client on siteground's hosting and are very pleased. There has been some down time, albeit minor, but the automatic wordpress updates and crazy fast speeds are very impressive, as with everyone else's comments SiteGround proves through their support and their active participation in hosting that they're a top web host.

  11. Reply March 5, 2015 / 20:48 AmandaSiteGround Team

    I don't know what Boris' issue was, but I can tell you that i have dealt with 4 other hosts, and SiteGround is top notch in helping even in the mundane things! I never dread an online support chat with them! Recommended them on Facebook!

  12. Reply March 5, 2015 / 21:23 markSiteGround Team

    I have 3 websites hosted on site ground and the service is first class on all that are not dedicated servers. The dedicated server sites have always been a problem for me and I find better service from other hosting companies.

  13. Reply March 6, 2015 / 15:42 Larry MacDonaldSiteGround Team

    I've moved all my 30 websites to Siteground, which reduced my hosting charges by 75%.

    Excellent results. But I pride myself on finding things that are wrong and suggesting improvements.. It is very frustrating to work with a hosting company that I can't find fault with. 🙂

  14. Reply March 7, 2015 / 18:27 AdelineSiteGround Team

    I've experience nothing less than excellent service everytime I needed chat support. Keep it up Siteground team! 😀

  15. Reply March 8, 2015 / 18:42 Roger FittonSiteGround Team

    When I was looking to house my newly inherited website I didn't know which differentiators to use for my decision.

    But a day's research, and an online chat to SiteGround revealed an obvious differentiator - the quality of support.

    A company that I used to work for had a motto - "Set realistic expectations and exceed tham". SiteGround's Support Team are the first that I've known to achieve this in 50 years - in any type of company - let alone IT.

    But don't get complacent!

  16. Reply March 17, 2015 / 11:25 Cesar PiresSiteGround Team

    Two thumss up to all SG team. Efficient, kindly and expertise. This tripod endorses your quality. Keep it up!!!!!

  17. Reply April 8, 2015 / 14:37 beatrice johnstonSiteGround Team

    Arriba team SG!! ... muchas gracias! ... for your patience... your efficiency ... your knowledge... these means very much for me!!

  18. Reply May 21, 2015 / 15:53 Roy CohenSiteGround Team

    Every time I've needed help with test installations of CRM systems, Siteground technical has been there for me. I had to have an installation of Yetiforce, a fork of VTiger developed in Poland, installed on shared hosting. I have an account with another hosting company, well known to consumers in the USA, (a name plastered all over race cars and famous for Superbowl commercials). When I ran into installation problems and server setting issues on a subdomain hosted there, the response was "Sorry. We don't install or help install third party software."
    At Siteground it was escalated to a senior tech and in ten minutes the software was properly. installed and running perfectly.

    That's a big part of the difference. No bluster, no bragging, just quietly doing things very well.

  19. Reply June 19, 2015 / 03:44 Mustapha B MugisaSiteGround Team

    Great support, fast turn around time. However, I asked for help to know the costs I should expect to pay from now to Dec 2015, for my hosting (with the current existing services and domains I have), and I received feedback that SG cannot give invoices for services NOT yet used! I need to plan for my cash flows so that I pay in time, and you tell me you cannot show me estimate costs on my account! That is a good advice indeed. I request you help show indicative costs for the next 6 months or 1 year based on current usage of services. Thanks

    • Reply June 22, 2015 / 00:11 Marina YordanovaSiteGround Team

      Hello Mustapha, as our Support team has informed you in your latest ticket, you can conveniently review your expiring services from your Billing section: and

      From there you will see the exact renewal dates for all your Reseller services and the amount that you will have to pay to keep the service active. Unfortunately we cannot give you more detailed information, since we do not know for what billing cycle you will be renewing the purchased services.

      As far as I can see, you have no expiring services until December 2015. The first service to be renewed will be on February 2016.


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