Few months ago our data center partner SingleHop has successfully completed their newest and most advanced facility in Chicago. With all the innovations introduced on the spot, we were excited by the great opportunity it gives us to further improve our hosting service. To make this happen we will transfer to it all our US-based accounts during the next few months. The new location is above the best industry standards and will encompass the currently used one with:

  1. higher class network equipment that will result in better speed
  2. better organized space of SiteGround machines in private cabinets for higher security and better connectivity
  3. on-site 24/7 network operations center, which will make even the highest-end technicians, who were previously managing the machines remotely, available on the spot. This will speed up issue resolutions.

The move to the new facility is one of our most exciting tech projects this quarter and has been carefully planned in details over the past few months. The first 35 dedicated servers have already been physically moved to the new location without any issues and are already successfully running from there.

All customers that are now hosted in our US location will be personally notified with more information by email at least 5 days before their particular accounts will be moved. Some of the servers will be transferred over the wire, without physical move of the machines, while others will be switched off and moved physically to the new location. The majority of the transfers will be scheduled during the weekend nights, as this is the less active period for most of the websites. During the transfer there will be a constant status update in the user area of the all customers, whose accounts are on the move.

We are looking forward to moving to this great new facility and we will keep you informed all the way!