Your Most Common Gutenberg Questions Answered

A few months ago we introduced our WordPress Community Ambassadors. We announced that we would support these very deserving individuals to travel and speak at WordCamps, so they can continue to share their expertise and lift up other WordPress users. Now, we want them to have their place on our blog with the same purpose in mind - educate and help our readers understand better the ins-and-outs of WordPress.

The first post that we will share with you is by Joe Casabona on Gutenberg - the hottest topic in the community for the past 10-12 months. Joe is a fantastic trainer, whose talent is to make complex things easy to understand for anyone. In the past year he has worked tirelessly to produce training material for Gutenberg, the new block editor included with WordPress 5.0. This is his first article for the SiteGround blog, enjoy!

WordPress 5.0 was recently released. The most notable new feature in 5.0 is the new editor, based on blocks and also known as Gutenberg. While it’s sure to really improve the content-creation experience, there are a lot of questions surrounding the update and what it means for current websites. Here are the answers to some of the most common inquiries both the SiteGround team and I have received from WordPress users so far.

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Our Roll-Out Plan for WordPress 5.0

The most anticipated version of WordPress, version 5.0, is now officially released. It will substantially change the way people edit their website content by introducing the new block editor (also known as Gutenberg). To make the transition to the new editor as smooth as possible, we have temporarily stopped the automatic WordPress updates. After its restart, we will automatically install the Classic Editor plugin along with the new WordPress core update. This will give you the opportunity to take full advantage of all the great options in the new block editor, while being able to easily switch to the old way of editing your posts if you need to.

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The New Version of Our SG Optimizer Plugin Is a Game Changer for Your WordPress Performance

Early versions of our SG Optimizer plugin had one single purpose: to connect WordPress with the reverse proxy caching system set up on our servers. Over the years, we have added multiple features like PHP and HTTPS management options that allow even more control over SiteGround’s server environment right from the WordPress backend. With the new release, not only have we greatly enhanced the existing functionalities, but we’ve also included some of the most popular application-based performance optimizations. Now, our plugin is an all-inclusive performance solution for WordPress sites hosted on our platform. Our SG Optimizer has always been an invaluable tool in boosting site performance and now we’ve pushed its capabilities even further. Internal speed tests of the new version show an additional 20-30% performance improvement even for well-optimized sites. And when you use the plugin on a site that runs on an old PHP version and/or has poorly-optimized content, the benefit can easily go up to 500%!

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Introducing the SiteGround WordPress Ambassadors

At SiteGround, we love WordPress and one of the ways we contribute to this Open Source initiative is by attending, organising, and sponsoring WordPress events around the world. Now, we’re proud to announce one more way we’re supporting the community: SiteGround WordPress Ambassadors!

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Understanding Site Speed: The Time to First Byte (TTFB)

When troubleshooting a slow website, there are a few helpful metrics to determine the causes and solutions. One of those metrics is the Time To First Byte (TTFB), a measurement used by all site performance benchmarking tools. It’s an important metric to measure how fast your website starts loading in a specific location or with a particular combination of settings. Understanding TTFB can help you get a better grasp of how website speed works, what’s slowing down your site, and how to fix it.

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Starting WordPress Sites on SiteGround Just Got Easier

You can build just about anything using WordPress. With thousands of themes and plugins, anyone can access the features and functionalities they need to achieve their goals. But for a person just starting out, all the options can be overwhelming. Rather than be a source of inspiration, the choices can become a blocker to launching that brand new site.

To solve this problem, we've developed a WordPress Starter plugin that takes the confusion out of building a new WordPress site. Our plugin walks you through a curated number of themes and the most common site features so you can choose exactly what you need and launch your website more quickly.

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Get Ready for Gutenberg, the New WordPress Editor

Some noteworthy changes are coming for all WordPress users, including our customers. In the next months, WordPress will release a new publishing experience that will change the way you create posts and pages. Gutenberg is the code name for this new editor and with it, website owners can expect a new set of tools for content creation.

To help you prepare, we’ve outlined some of the changes to expect with Gutenberg and how you can test it before the official release. Our goal is to make this change as smooth as possible for all SiteGround customers.

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A New, Easier Way to Move WordPress Sites to SiteGround

Many site owners settle for less-than-ideal server performance and security just to avoid the hassle of migrating their website. Luckily at SiteGround, we’ve made it easier than ever to transfer your WordPress website to us. How did we do it? With a WordPress plugin! By installing our new SiteGround Migrator plugin on your WordPress site, you can move your installation to us with a few clicks.

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