27 Feb


Client Survey 2014


We could not have wrapped up last year without collecting feedback from our customers via the traditional client satisfaction survey. We want to thank all of you who took the time to fill it out and answer our questions. The results once again managed to exceed our expectations. We already knew that 2014 was a record year for us in terms of number of new customers added, however with growth at such fast rate it can be challenging to maintain service quality. That is why we were very excited to see that not only the number of the customers has increased, but we managed to keep, and even improve, the amazing satisfaction levels from the previous years. Below I will share a summary of the findings from the 2014 survey responses.
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28 Mar


How to Bring Our Client Meetups to the Next Level?


After the success of our first Open Bar initiative in Orlando last year,  last week Tina, Daniel and I hosted the second SiteGround Open Bar in London. We were incredibly happy to see all the people that showed up to chat and have a drink with us. The fact that so many of you said that our support is second to none definitely made our evening and we got back home happy and more motivated to work even harder to keep that same level of highest quality of service. Besides the motivational boost, this event also made us think how to improve the client meetups.

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29 Nov


Happy Open Bar!

SiteGround Open Bar

14th of November, what a day.. I woke up at 6am, which is extremely unusual for me. However, the jetlag and the constant beeps from the birthday wishes coming to my phone made it much easier. Yes, it was my birthday and yes, I was far away from home. To be more precise I was in Orlando and the unusual plan for my birthday included meeting few of the SiteGround customers for the first ever SiteGround Open Bar event!

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29 Apr


Meet Web-Pepper: “I’m a one-man company, whenever I have a question I use Google and SiteGround Support”

@ Micky JoorenIt’s been a while since we presented a customer in our blog! I am happy to introduce now Web Pepper, one of our big resellers and active FaceBook fans. He has shared some cool stories about how he got inspired by the Computer world, how he has chosen to work with WordPress and what was his experience with SiteGround.

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10 Feb


Meet Megan Valentine: “In SiteGround things get fixed in 10 minutes instead of taking 5 phone calls over 3 days!”

Megan ValentineMegan is one of the people we often see mentioning SiteGround in Twitter. That is how she got this “word of mouth hero” t-shirt :) She is a professional web designer with substantial experience with Joomla and we thank her for all the good feelings she has shared. Read More…

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