Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for June

Valentina is one of the newest members of our Customer Care Team. She joined SiteGround just five months ago, but she already proved herself a quick learner. It's pretty much clear Valentina rocks at her new position, as she managed to achieve the amazing 99.7% Happy Clients Rating and almost 600 excellent rated chats this month! Learn more about her in the interview!

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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for May

Becoming fluent in 10 languages is one of Maria’s goals by 2030. We have no doubt she’ll manage to achieve it as she has proven to be committed and extremely hardworking. That’s what has helped her become our Top Customer Care Representative for May with 99.5% Client Satisfaction Rate. Find out more about Maria in her interview!

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More Features for All Our Plans

To thank all our customers for helping us reach the incredible milestone of 15 successful years in business, we’ve performed a massive upgrade to all our hosting plans. Now, each customer gets even more features, regardless of their hosting plan. The enhancements listed below have been provided automatically and for free to all SiteGround users. Enjoy!

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SiteGround Now Has QUIC to Make Sites Fast Even When the Internet is Slow

This is a picture of Coron Island in the Philippines, definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I truly love it, but their super slow Internet connectivity was the one thing that kept me from going back. It is painful to see how slowly sites load there, considering how much effort we put into optimizing our website technology both on the server and application level. But now, SiteGround has QUIC on our servers and Coron may make it into my travel plans again.

QUIC considerably increases site loading speed when you have poor connectivity. It’s the base for the next generation of Internet protocol coming: the HTTP/3.  And, as usual, we are among the first hosting companies to provide this hot speed technology to all our customers.

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SiteGround Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary!

Last week we passed the 2-million-domains hosted on our servers mark. Coincidentally, this came as an early Birthday surprise for our 15th anniversary this year that falls on March 22nd. We could not have made it this far without all of you, who put your trust in us and choose our services every day. Let’s make it at least 15 more years!

To commemorate the occasion, we prepared a short infographic with some of the milestones throughout the past 15 years that made us proud. Enjoy and share it using the #15YearsSiteGround hashtag to help us celebrate the day.

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SiteGround for WordPress in 2018

Our commitment to helping WordPress grow has been consistently strong throughout the years. About 80% of our 2 million domains are associated with sites built on WordPress and we have been helping more and more people get introduced to the possibilities of WordPress.

Traditionally, through sponsorships, we help a huge number of WordCamps and meetups happen all around the world. But what we consider even more important, is our personal involvement. In addition to encouraging our most talented people to attend, speak at and organize WordPress events worldwide, we also help independent experts share their expertise with an even wider audience through our WordPress Ambassador program.

Here is a brief roundup of our contribution in 2018. Stay tuned for more in 2019!

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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for February

For Ivaylo, our February Customer Rep of the Month, the most fulfilling part of his work is the happy feedback from clients after he’s helped them. He definitely received plenty of positive responses last month, which he ended with the remarkable 99.27% Happy Client Rating for over 1000 support chats! If that’s not fulfilling work, we don’t know what is.

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¡Vamos España! Taking Part In The Growth of an Amazing Local WordPress Community

In 2018, Spain was the second most active country for local WordCamps, bested only by the US. Taking into consideration the population of the two countries, Spain actually had almost twice as many events per capita last year. When SiteGround launched its Spanish operations in 2015, there were only 3 WordCamps in Spain, including WCEU, and 9 meetup groups with 10,017 members in total (according to WordCamp Central registration). Fast forward to 2018 and we count 10 local WordCamps and 52 meetup groups with 24,862 members. This is an amazing 150% increase in membership and over triple the number of events!

So what’s the story behind this incredible growth? Of course it all starts with the quality of the WordPress platform itself and the fact that its adoptions rates are globally on the rise. However, from where we stand we see three additional factors that have influenced the local Spanish growth and we are proud of SiteGround’s role in all of them. By sharing our insider’s take on this development, we hope to help other local WordPress communities accelerate their growth too.

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