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business hostingSiteGround has now added a new service to its hosting portfolio – the Advanced Business Hosting. The new hosting solution is based on our long experience in providing shared hosting but targets people whose websites need more server resources and additional services than the standard shared hosting provides. The business hosting solution came out as a natural response to the rising demand for a middle solution between the standard shared and the high end dedicated hosting.

What are the advantages of the Business hosting?

1. Fewer accounts – more server resources

Our business servers host up to 10 times fewer accounts than a standard shared server. This means that a website hosted on this server will share its resources with ten times fewer websites and will enjoy great performance all the time.

2. Priority support – problems solved in 5 minutes

Businesses that rely greatly on their websites usually value highly a fast resolution when a problem appears. That is why tickets posted by business hosting customers get on top of the support team list and are solved first.

3. Daily backups – never lose important information

The website content is often one of the most important assets of an online business and unfortunately sometimes one can lose it easily with a hasty wrong mouse click. That is why we take special care for protecting our business hosting customers' website content. We make full backups every single day and keep the copies from the last seven days.

4. Great price – much lower than the price of other higher end solutions

The price of the Business Hosting is much lower than that of the next level hosting service – the VPS (Virtual Private Server). However, websites hosted on a Business hosting solution can often perform better than sites hosted on a VPS. There are two reasons for this.

First, the standard VPS system divides server resources equally to all users on a server. Thus a website cannot use more than its allocated share even if there are free resources. Our in-house built software gives much better server resource scalability.

And second, we can apply all server optimizations and security enhancements from our shared hosting servers which are often incompatible with the VPS generic setup.

The new Business Hosting service was initially launched only as an upgrade for existing shared hosting accounts. However, since it has received a significant attention by our existing customers during the last two months, it is now available for all SiteGround visitors at:

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