Halloween winnersFirst of all, let me thank all of the people that have participated in our Halloween Social Media Challenge! We have been waved away by the huge number of positive and original comments you left in our blog, our FaceBook page, Twitter and YouTube. The total number of the posts we received in one week is itself astounding – 1118, but what really makes all of the SiteGrounders feel that their work is worthwhile, is the fact that so many people took this initiative as a chance to share some great personal experience with our company. So, thank you once again for being not just customers, but for being part of the sharing and positive community we try to build within and around our company. And here are the winners...

The Google AdWords credits

$100 Google AdWords CreditsThese were the first treats SiteGround gave away. Between October 28th and November 2nd 100 lucky comment authors received information how to redeem their AdWords credits on the email related with their hosting account.


The originality awards – 3 years free hosting for the best post in each media

3 Years Free Hosting!Choosing the best post in each media was not an easy task at all! You definitely got inspired and we had the chance to enjoy hundreds of witty comments, poems, haikus and rhymes combining SiteGround and Halloween. We are seriously thinking about publishing a SiteGround customer anthology! :)

Just to mention a small part of the great works in rhymes:

Witches swoop down on their broomsticks,
but SiteGround provides you with lots of great tips
Ghost and Gools may make you scream…
but SiteGround makes me gleam...

SiteGround, SiteGround,
Does more than Host-lame can.
Spins your page, any size;
Catches hackers just like flies...

"Witches fly across the sky; the owls cry "Who Who?" Black cats yowl and ghosts do howl "SiteGround can host you too!" #SiteGround #Halloween"

"If #Halloween is for fun and frights, #Siteground is great for hosting Websites!!"

Haiku Comment: "My WordPress was hacked Siteground team to the rescue No Loss, Biz Good, Thanks"

You are the best
To heck with the rest
When it comes to Joomla
You be da boomah…"

Even Shakespeare was quoted:)

But... the originality award inspired by your great writing skills goes to a Halloween short story about old websites, haunting their creator for not being hosted by SiteGround, posted in Facebook.

FacebookThe most original Facebook comment:

"It was a cold and dark, dark night. I’ll found myself walking on a graveyard and there they were!All my old website’s and domains. I ran home scared as hell, but they followed me and haunted me all night long. Why, I asked them, why are you following me and scaring the hell out of me! One of the old domains came out of the dark and started crying. All those years, we have been there for you, all your projects we stood by your side. We had the worst webhosts, but we remained true! And now we find out that your newest “PRECIOUS” is hosted by “SITEGROUND” !!!! Do you have any idea how much that hurts us! Your new precious gets all the good care, the service, the speed and all the space it needs. Compared to what we had, Siteground is spectacular! So I promised them that when the time is there, I’ll bring them back to life and I will give them their own little place on the servers of Siteground. Like magic was happening, they all started to glow and disappeared in to the cold and dark, dark night."

TwitterThe most original Tweet

The limitation of the Tweet length did not restrain at all your #Halloween #SiteGround creativity. And the winner in this media is the person that managed to compare the uptime and speed received by SiteGround with Halloween candy packages in a great way:

If I Ping my #SiteGround hosted website from here,less than a second after I get my candy's packets for #Halloween! No trick! It just works!

YoutubeThe best YouTube comment

The award in YouTube goes to the person that have taken the “dream” idea from the SiteGround official video and extended it in his/her comment:

Completing your dream made our dreams come true! thanks for the amazing hosting services! undeniable webhosting experts! professional support the exact time we need it!

The video gathered more than 160 comments. However, the video itself was not so commented as SiteGround service itself. I specially want to thank to the author of this post: “...They have been hosting our accounts for over 10 years....”! The author really has an account with us since our first year in business and we are grateful for this ongoing trust, only that we started in 2004 as stated in the first video screen:), so it is a little less than 10 years!

Blog commentBest Blog comment

The media that gathered the most personal and touching comments was the SiteGround Blog. And it is only natural, as this is the place where real people working in SiteGround can be heard and seen. The most popular post seems to be the one about our new office, and the fact that our great sales and support teams were on the pictures from the new place and that we “do, in fact, have a beautiful woman waiting” to take customers calls (as one of you commented) surely helped for this:) The security posts by Tenko also got a good amount of attention, which we believe is great too, as they show our efforts in a field we particularly pride ourselves in. We are happy that our people, ideas, values and practices have reached so many customers and triggered so much positive feedback.

Unfortunately the Blog comment winner can only be one and we have chosen a person, who has a very original idea about his services pricing based on his customers' choice of web host:

I Always recommend my clients go with siteground (in fact I have decided to start charging more if they don't) because of the great service, easy to use features, but especially because of the security. (well, okay, the price you charge is really nice too).

Of all the sites I have managed I have never once had a siteground account hacked. I have had several accounts hacked that were hosted elsewhere and it consumes a lot of my time when that happens.

I have convinced some of my clients to move to siteground due to hacks at their old webhosts.

Thank you guys for the great work.

Mike Pritchard

And now the big award – the iPad2
On Friday, November 5th, all comments that participated in our Halloween Social Media challenge in the four media were collected in a list and received a number from 1 to 1118. Then, with the help of random.org, the number 646 was chosen and the comment corresponding to this number in our list was the following tweet:


The big prize - an iPad2!So the winner of the iPad is

Jennifer Crowder


Congratulations to the winners! Thank you all for participation and stay tuned for our upcoming great social media events!

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager

P.S. I strongly encourage the FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube winners to check their social media accounts for private messages and to contact us back to receive their originality awards.