A memorable goodbye to 2011!

SiteGroundLast Friday was a long day. Really, really long, but it was totally worth it. We’ve been preparing for the Christmas party - which by the way has become a tradition in SiteGround - for a month and the day had finally come. Every year we gather our whole team around Christmas on something like a mini-Conference event. On that day the Goals of the Company for the past year are evaluated, future targets are set and all is presented by the Management team before all SG employees. Well when I say all, It's not 100% true, cause some of them are always on guard for you - our valued customer - but let's say most of your fave SG super-ninja employees. When that part is over, we go to a Wild party at a club.

So.. this year mini-Conferenece was special. 2011 was a tremendous year for SiteGround. We did a lot, accomplished a lot.. Of course we failed too, but hopefully we've learned and became wiser. To spare you the boring details, here are just some of the impressive numbers and facts for 2011:

-- We hired 28 new people this year, due to the enormous number of new accounts we have and in order to meet our promise for premium customer service. SiteGround now has 88 full time employees. We still do everything in-house and we continue to impress not only our customers, but our new employees as well

-- One of the reasons for the massive new hiring should have been already noticed by you: we provide phone support! When you say - we listen! This was one of the most requested features and now it is available for all our clients. And what is even more important we resolve the most issues raised on the phone within just a couple of minutes.

-- With our sales and customer service teams being more than 50 people total we required a new, much bigger office and we found and made one available. It has a pool table too, cause we know how important fun is 🙂

-- We've migrated all our Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers to one of the most sophisticated and advanced DataCenters in the world - The Dupont Chicago DC. Migration lasted for less than 40 days total. No movement of physical servers was made, but more than 300TB of data were transferred. In this supremely complicated migration, no customer experienced data loss or any website failure whatsoever.

-- We launched some very useful new features like HackAlert and GoMobi mobile sitebuilder. We also launched our new premium Hosting Plus package, which became our best value for the money plan and received appraisal by many customers immediately.

Traditionally, around Christmas we give presents to our employees but this year was special. There were so many people we wanted to appreciate. So much work done, so many happy customers. There had to be a lot of people involved in this. Here are just a few:

Lilly, Martin & SnejiWe awarded our Marketing Manager - Lilly, our Sales Manager - Sneji and our Support Manager - Martin for a job well done. The prize is a trip to Dubai, UAE and our whole team hopes they have lots of fun.

We also awarded the support and sysadmin employees that dealt with the server migration with a trip to a highly rated SPA and Golf resort. We wish them to rest and do even more great things in 2012.

We awarded our best customer service, support and admin guys with a brand new super-slim Acer Ultrabook.

Best Customer Service Best Support Team Member Best Administrator


We also did a fund raising lottery for Children in need. The Company doubled the money raised by employees and will be sending one lucky winner along to Dubai too.

Of course we talked about goals for 2012 too. But I'll tell you about that some other time. Here're some pics from the Friday's SG Christmas party:

The SiteGround Mastermind

The SiteGround Mastermind

For the last few years Tenko Nikolov has been one of the masterminds behind the success of SiteGround. He has come up with multiple successful strategies for overcoming technical problems and has achieved real business results for SiteGround. His vision and skills have made SiteGround a leading host in terms of technology and platform reliability.


  1. Reply December 22, 2011 / 05:56 VirginiaSiteGround Team

    2011 was a great year for me. We also are very happy to celebrate the News Year 2012. Interesting post. Thanks 😉

  2. Reply December 22, 2011 / 07:40 Glen WinfieldSiteGround Team

    Nice pictures kool seeing who is behind all this, oh and that office manage Milena pretty hot looking YEAH BABY 😉

  3. Reply December 22, 2011 / 11:41 vijayabalajiSiteGround Team

    awesome guys...keep rocking in 2012 too!!!!

  4. Reply December 22, 2011 / 12:30 SamuelSiteGround Team

    Looks like SiteGround is expanding. Didn't see so many staff before 😉 But, that's good news. Thanks a lot for awesome hosting (a bit costly though) and really thank each and everyone for keeping our websites up and running all the time.


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