Web Apps End of Summer Recap

Einstein "Do Your Homework" As the end of the Summer approaches, some have taken longer vacations while others are working even harder. This is especially true for the developers of web applications.  In this post we’ll take a sneak peak at what’s cooking behind the scenes of some of the most popular applications.


This summer Joomla! mostly patched security and bugs issues in the current 1.5 version. Support for the old 1.0 Joomla! has finally been officially discontinued.

Work on its next long-awaited version 1.6 seems to be quite busy. We hear the new features are extensive and promising. Google's Summer of code has also contributed greatly to it, so our expectations are growing even greater.

The only bad news so far is that the next Joomla official stable release is not scheduled yet. But we’ll keep our eyes open!


Lately, the folks at Drupal have been releasing security patches mainly and there seems to be little activity for the last 2 months as a whole.

Plans for new releases and features are not proclaimed, so probably most of the work is done behind the scenes. We sure do hope so!


WordPress has definitely proven to be the fastest growing and feature-rich open source web application. This summer they released a few mainly security – bug fixes.

Obviously,  they have focused mainly on the next 2.9 release and there has been an interesting feature request vote on their webpage. Plans for its official release are also unclear. Hopefully it will be available before Joomla 1.6.

Menalto Gallery

Earlier this year Gallery developers decided to rewrite its code from scratch. Therefore, work on the old 2.* branch was abandoned in favor of the new version 3. Currently there is a second beta version and things look quite promising. Keeping our fingers crossed!

In other news, here is Menalto’s latest usability survey.


vBulletin have been quite active lately too. They’re on the way of releasing a new branch entering version 4. Holding up to the promises for lots of new features and enhancements, the alpha version has been released already and is under heavy testing.


About a month ago PhpBB posted an interesting article about its significant development changes. That’s how we knew about their plans to work on 2 branches simultaneously - 3 and 4. Version 4 will appear as a complete rewrite, so we hope this will not slow down its release too much.


Things at Magento are going fast as usual. Even when it looks as it couldn’t be further improved , a new alpha- version 1.4 comes along. Upon taking a deeper look, it seems to be rather a bug fix release, though.

They are putting a lot of efforts on the Enterprise edition which is favorable to the business. We see new popular stores built with it every single day.

That’s it for our brief recap of all things new with the most popular web applications. We will make sure to do a new post, if there are any more surprises not to be mised. And our Tutorials section will be updated accordingly, as soon as anything new comes up the horizon.  So, stay tuned.

What are the releases you’re most looking forward to? Also, do spill the beans if you’re keeping an eye on any other web app we’ve missed to follow, but deserves our attention.

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