Secure Email via IMAPs, SMTPs, and POP3s now Supported by SiteGround

SiteGround web hosting company has recently announced launch of secured IMAP, POP3 and SMTP services. As part of its main goal to ensure the most secure and reliable web hosting environment, the company has dedicated time and resources into upgrading its email service by implementing an encrypted connection (via SSL) for sending (SMTPs), receiving (POP3s) and reading emails (IMAPs).

With the rapid growth of security risks during data transmission, especially on mobile and wireless networks, email security is getting more and more important for everyone. That is why, SiteGround now provides for its customers SSL-encrypted connection for checking and sending emails. Thanks to Secure IMAP (IMAPs), POP3 (POP3s), and SMTP (SMTPs), all incoming and outgoing communication from and to a remote mail server is encrypted. This means that all the information sent or received by email is converted into a form called Ciphertext and as a result cannot be intercepted or hacked by third parties. This significantly reduces the risk of password thefts and data sniffing.

SiteGround has also once again shown care for its customers by not just introducing the new services, but also making sure that everyone will be able to implement them easily on their hosting accounts. SiteGround Team has prepared useful articles to help customers enable the new services with just a few mouse clicks. Detailed tutorials for the most popular mail clients have been created to make customer experience easier than ever.

"Security and reliability of service is an ever-increasing concern for everyone. Here at SiteGround we are well aware of this and are constantly working for upgrading the security of our hosting service." says Anatoly Dimitrov, Senior Support Team member and leader of the project. "We believe that the introduction of IMAPs, POP3s, and SMTPs is a great benefit for our customers that guarantees secure and safe email environment", added Anatoly.

The introduction of SSL-secured email services once again has shown that SiteGround is constantly working towards the improvement of its services and aiming perseveringly at protecting its customers' privacy and security in the best possible way.

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