New Versions of the Joomla Templates has released new versions of some of its most popular templates. The New Additions at the Joomla Templates gallery allow for easy template customization as the title (the Company name) of the website is now automatically generated by the text you fill in the SiteName field in Joomla administrator.

The former version of the templates used images for the Company name and slogan. With the new versions no Photoshop files and skills will be needed to make the template have your unique website name. Using text instead of picture as your website title is also a good search engine optimization technique, which will result in higher ranking of your website in the search engines for the keywords you target.

Please, find the 3 upgraded templates at the New Additions section at the SiteGround Joomla Templates gallery

Here you can learn how to change the SiteName field from the Joomla administration.

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