phpBB Templates release

Great news for all phpBB forum webmasters: has released 6 new phpBB templates! They are part of the large gallery of free resources for open source systems, which SiteGround continually enriches - there are free 2- and 3-column WordPress themes, and over 35 Mambo and Joomla templates for any kind of website - from personal galleries to clans, real estate sites, and online stores.

The phpBB templates are suitable for different types of forums: the GameTalk template is for clans and guilds, AutoMania and OnWheels are meant for automobile forums and FlowerFly and GreenEyes can be used for general topics. The Galaxy theme uses Flash animation.

The phpBB templates can be downloaded from here. SiteGround has prepared a detailed tutorial with screenshots about how to install the templateon your forum.

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