60 days FREE Moz PRO for SiteGround Clients

Update: The Moz 60-day Free Trial for SiteGround customers has expired.

SiteGround + Moz

Lets face it, lots of website owners still shiver at the word „SEO“ - either because it's perceived as time-consuming and tricky business, but also because everyone has an opinion on it and you never know what the latest trend is. We've all been there, and if there is one company who's working actively towards turning this perception around, that is Moz (formerly SEOMoz).

Good online marketing is building influence through all critical channels: social, content, links, and mentions. Easier said than done when all of your marketing efforts are scattered around and it's hard to get the full picture. To show you that it can be done easily, effectively and on a budget, we partnered with Moz to offer an exclusive 60 Days of their Moz PRO service for FREE to SiteGround clients only!

What can Moz do for you:

Moz PRO includes several tools that gather all critical marketing data in one place, help you identify the weak spots and provide on-the-spot solutions for fixing them. Here is an overview of some of our favorite tools, included in the subscription:

Get on-page keyword insight & recommendations

Rank TrackerMoz have several tools to help you check and track keyword ranking or research competitors' keywords, but the On-Page Grader gets our star. It measures how well a page is optimized for a keyword. By entering a URL and a keyword that you're targeting, it generates an on-page grade report identifying the points you've missed and giving suggestions on how to fix them.

Track and compare keyword rankings

Track your rankings for up to 50 keywords at a time to spot ranking fluctuations on time and take action. Extend tracking over a longer period and compare rankings on a per location or Search engine basis, get reports and analyze critical ranking factors.

Improve website authority with link analysis

Moz’s Open Site ExplorerCurious who's linking to your website? Moz's Open Site Explorer helps you research backlinks, discover links pointing to old or broken pages and fix them, research backlinkers and competitors and see who's linking to them. Simply type in your webpage and start discovering links. These are just our highlights of the Moz PRO service, which includes lots of other helpful features like social media monitoring, fresh web content explorer and handy SEO toolbar for quick access to your favorite tools, to name a few.

Moz are also currently in the process of rolling out their brand new service – Moz Analytics, which dramatically upgrades the current PRO features by adding much more depth to tracking critical inbound marketing channels. Once the new tool is out, all PRO subscribers will automatically get access to it, so make sure you sign up for your Free trial now & be among the first to get it!

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Why Moz?

We personally use Moz since way back from their SEOMoz days. Just like us, they started way back in 2004 and have been on an epic ride ever since. Their Moz PRO tool is the most popular inbound marketing software out there, with over 25,000 businesses relying on it each day. But the best part is their mission - to help people do better marketing.

Brand Creative Director

Dima is the Brand and Creative Director at SiteGround, where she started as one of our first team members way back in 2004. Since then, she has played a key role in different departments starting with Billing, Project Management, and Marketing. She’s witnessed the company grow from a handful of people to 500+ team members and more than 1.5 million domains hosted today. When she’s not leading the creative efforts at SiteGround, you can find her organizing the local CreativeMornings chapter or taking her one-year-old Vizsla dog on a long walk.


  1. Reply August 5, 2013 / 09:23 Ms. MonaSiteGround Team

    Hi there:

    My question is:
    If I currently have SEO will doing the FREE trail
    1. will this conflict with what they are doing?
    2. Do I have to let them know that I am trying out another option?
    3. How much will it cost after the trail?

    Thank you.
    Ms. Mona

  2. Reply August 5, 2013 / 09:40 DimaSiteGround Team

    Ms. Mona, as far as I understand from your comment, you're already using an SEO company for your website and are worried that the Moz subscription might interfere with it? If that's the case, I'd say it shouldn't be a problem, since Moz give you access to tools - they don't make any modifications to your website, but rather run check on it for various factors that affect your SEO, identify any room for improvement and provide recommendations - but it's up to you to make the recommended changes to your website. So you can try out the Moz tools and then discuss the reports and results with your SEO guys before taking any action, just to be on the safe side.

    The Moz PRO subscription costs $99.00/mo after the free 60 days, but you can cancel at any time, so you can try it out and discontinue on time if you decide it's not for you.

  3. Reply August 14, 2013 / 04:06 MoeSiteGround Team

    I really love Moz Pro, but their subscription plans doesn't suit my budget, I wish they had $25 & $50 plans subscription, that would get many SEO'res interest out there.

    Thanks for the great offer though 🙂

  4. Reply September 5, 2013 / 10:17 Ali MeseSiteGround Team

    Dima, thanks for this offer, will definetely look into it. As it's my first time on SiteGround, could you be so kind to tell me what I exactly need to do to get this offer? Thank you!


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