14 Jan


100% Fast & Furious Machines

SiteGround Hardware Improvements

In 2012 we started the SiteGround How Cool Is That challenge to help our clients learn about the cool technologies that only we provide. Every week of the challenge we posted a new infographic explaining one of our unique features. In the final stage of the competition, our clients were invited to vote for the coolest technology by sharing their feedback in a comment. As second runner-up to the winner, our clients rated our server hardware. Read the comments to see the feedback from the clients who voted for it or check a short infographic on how it works.

Author: Dima Peteva

Project Manager

Loves all-things Internet and checks RSS feeds first thing in the morning as an early dose of daily inspiration, then puts it all into work throughout the day. A project manager by title, a creative enthusiast at heart.

Comments (129):

  1. Shimal harichurn says:

    I’m on a shared Hosting Plus account and my site is performing at 100% even though getting 3000 hits per hour.

  2. Juan Luis says:

    What I can say about it is that I haven’t got any server related issue in 7 years.

  3. Gavin Smith says:

    Easy one. No hardware, no site. Good performing hardware = Good performing website. 5 Years and no complaints.

  4. Kaven Tan says:

    Similar to others. I have not had any issue as to our website performance. Many years hosting with Siteground now.

  5. jose luis says:

    7 years with Siteground and happy!!! i want more!

  6. Francis Sling says:

    i love it

  7. Henrik Brosenius says:

    Never had any complains about the performance on my sites at Siteground.

  8. Vinod Bokhiriya says:

    I have 10+ sites hosted with SiteGround and getting lots of hits everyday, But i never face any issues related to Server Hardware. It’s really amazing.

    I really am lucky to find a great Hosting service for my sites. You’re Great!

  9. Francisco Dias says:

    Em português também se pode dar uma opinião.
    Agradeço a toda a equipa SITEGROUND o bom trabalho desenvolvido e toda a ajuda que prestam. A disponibilidade e a rapidez com que respondem aos ticktes de pedidos de apoio, fazem da equia do SITEGROUNG de facto uma mais valia.

  10. Greg Ashley says:

    When I get customers saying to me where are your websites hosted, I could say to them right next door in the same building. Guess what, they would believe me, only because the speed that my website loads, is amazing….lightning fast I say!

  11. Donald Cherry says:

    I have about 100 students accessing my Moodle installation on Siteground every week. Not a hiccup. Thanks Siteground.

  12. Adel Ammari says:

    Neither me nor any of my clients ever complained about performance issues. Knowing that we were on the basic plans as well. Not to mention, the customer support response time, its great as well Therefore, my vote goes to speed and performance.

  13. Niels-Peter says:

    Awesome poster! thanks for Hosting our FTP :)

  14. Scott @ Century says:

    I’ve been with siteground for many years now on projects old and current. On arriving at my new job I took siteground services with me. I have never had a site down nor experienced slowness of any kind. Compared to other providers siteground just cannot be beat!

  15. Jason Smith says:

    I have been with Siteground for about 6 years now simply because you are the best. I’ve never had any downtime, no security issues, and the tools are the best one could ask for. I recommend Siteground to anyone and everyone. Thanks for doing a terrific job, and I appreciate your time and efforts in providing a great service!

  16. Antonio says:

    I’m planning on moving to a cloud vps service, which is faster than other’s full dedicated service!!

  17. ahmad says:

    The “Less than 15 minutes response time”

  18. Shawn Dunigan says:

    3 years now, and smooth sailing all the way! Thanks for the ease of life!

  19. Andy Brown says:

    New improved hardware is always a great bonus, knowing your site is behind the latest hardware giving top performance. Thank you.

  20. Jean says:

    After several years on an shared hosting account with Siteground (which is also amazingly-reasonably-priced) I have had 100% uptime, and recommend Siteground highly for it’s speed and stability.

  21. Kevin Graham says:

    I feel like I get a lot more than I pay for, but don’t tell SITEGROUND, Shhhh…

  22. ID Safairis says:

    Been using siteground since 2007. They just keep us surprised and even better with new improved hardware features.

  23. Chris McAuliffe says:

    I have been a siteground customer since 08 and love all the innovative feature this company offers. I have hosted both Joomla and now Drupal sites with SG and they work amazingly at a super low cost! I love the security features SG has,t he security update alerts as well as all the SSL and certificate services. It is truly a great hosting company and they make it very easy for me to manage my sites and keep them safe.

  24. Mark Brand says:

    Very happy with the quality of service at Siteground!!

  25. William Tremblay says:

    Siteground has been running my Drupal site since 2008 with basically *no issues*. The new hardware is really better than in needs to be, and more than I expected. These guys deliver what they promise, and it gets better every year.

  26. Mike says:

    I’m really happy to hear that the hardware gets upgraded behind the scenes and old accounts are not stuck running on old server.

  27. Arthur Davis says:

    Best hosting ever. Never have a problem with the site thanks to site ground.

  28. Pavel Nedkov says:


  29. Nikola Simonovski says:

    I’ve been using SiteGround hosting services for many years on various websites I’m maintaining… Still haven’t experienced problem here, so I rate SiteGround with 5 stars (out of 5 max) and will continue to recommend to my friends and clients.

  30. Jasmin says:

    very up to date :)

  31. Mbrun says:

    Speed has never been a problem with SiteGround.

  32. Shannon Moon says:

    Hardware is the foundation. Without decent hardware the rest is irrelevant.

  33. Roger Pruitt says:

    Found Siteground in 2005 and haven’t looked further. Products and services cannot be beat. Customer Service the best! I prefer online chat versus phone and have found it an amazing experience compared to other online support experiences. Servers always up and running. Great team of intelligent and courteous people…will always recommend as the only option.

  34. Alan says:

    Love the speed my primary reason for using y’all is the excellent database performance – we recommend Siteground to everyone because of this simple fact!

  35. Larry Douglas says:

    Very cool and really secure. Thanks Siteground!

  36. Stephen says:

    No doubt, the Hardware that you have is the key to our Site’s up-time & fast loading. Thanks SiteGround!!

  37. Nikos says:

    The best hosting service with the fastest hardware.

  38. syed says:

    its fastest harware

  39. Nancy says:

    I joined a couple of years ago just so I could create an FTP site for our company and it has worked without a blip! The customer service has always been 100% and I count the cutting edge hardware as part of the great service.

  40. Rui says:

    Siteground has always provided a fast and reliable service. Choosing Siteground’s services, 6 years ago, was a smart move.

  41. Abdullah Al-Ansi says:

    It works great thank you siteground

  42. Devin says:

    It’s cool cos it reflects why I host all my websites with siteground – reliability.

  43. Mike says:

    SG hardware has exceeded my expectations. Recent hardware upgrade was nearly transparent (had to update a few IP address settings in client-side apps, but that’s expected and I had it done within a few short minutes.) Will have been with Siteground 6 years this coming Spring, and as long as things keep running the way they do, I won’t ever need to worry about moving elsewhere.

  44. Jagadish Hiremath says:

    It’s good. No complaints as such. Reliable.

  45. Lisa says:

    I recommend Siteground to all my clients because it is a fantastic, reliable hosting service that never lets me down!

  46. Dan says:

    I had worked with three different hosting providers before finding Siteground. The hardware speed and reliability of the previous three providers all fell extremely short when compared to Siteground.

  47. Mick Rodgers says:

    Cloudflare is a life saver.

  48. mitch says:

    We have a reseller account with site ground and we used this infographic to tout our hosting services with our company to our clients who are still on “another, lesser” hosting company, since we have done that we have added double digit numbers to the amount of reseller accounts that were currently hosting with us. Site grounds’s awesome customer service and best in class servers helped us and help them generate more revenue for us both…site ground rocks!!!!

  49. Kieran says:

    Seems swift compared to other hosts and costs more than equivalent. Thanks!

  50. Kristen says:

    No traffic issues here, even on days when I experience unusually high traffic. Heck yes!

  51. Undrakh says:

    Siteground automatic updates were fantastis. It’s super cool. Good luck for your future creative works.

  52. Lisa says:

    Great speed of the site uploading in my CMS.

  53. Mark Johns says:

    We aren’t a high-volume site, yet, but knowing there is a solid roadmap to keep things running well is important.

  54. Undrakh says:

    I deliver very important ideas by SiteGround hosts to public. It’s incredible!

  55. Van says:

    There are hosts… and there is Siteground. This team not only cares about quality and uptime, but have a passion for performance.

  56. Tim James says:

    I’ve been with SiteGround for five years and haven’t had any issues yet. At the same time, SiteGround keeps improving their overall services for a better user experience. Well done!

  57. Sara Hubrich says:

    Been extremely pleased!

  58. Rudy says:

    Love this. All of these graphics are great at helping me better know and understand what siteground has to offer and to help pass it on to others. Keep up the GREAT work!

  59. Colin Wooldridge says:

    The reply time and overall customer service is uncontested in the world of web hosts. Thanks!!

  60. Clint says:

    Hardware is king! Nice infographics!

  61. Trey Coursey says:

    What can I say, sitegrounds shared hosting is the best I’ve ever used. Great performance for the value. Keep up the great work!

  62. Andrew Hein says:

    I switched from 1&1 to siteground and have never looked back! Fantastic options and wonderful support. Not to mention fast servers that can keep up with me.

  63. Belabz says:

    When i start a new hosting account i was avery time asking one question ?
    How the they are so faster to activate my account ?
    They was waiting for me or they read what it’s mind to be in advance.
    Hosting and web job become so easy like to say Hi.

  64. Mark says:

    Excellent service and security. I’ve used SiteGround for years on multiple sites I manage and own. Many thanks for all your work.

  65. Libby says:

    Awesome hardware, SiteGround!

  66. Dawn says:

    This is my shout-out for HARDWARE! Recently I moved two clients over to SiteGround because of the enormous speed advantage. I have hosted with many over the years, but the host-est with the most-est is SiteGround.
    The new VPS Cloud hosting package for one client, has made over 170 eBook uploads in all formats easy easy easy. The download speed for eBooks when purchased, is just as fast as Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook Platform, which allows this independent publisher to compete globally. Thanks Site Ground!

  67. Somwang Souksavatd says:

    It’s a SiteGround Style!

  68. Cody says:

    I hosted on my own server for a while. It didn’t even remotely compare to the speed of site grounds servers. I can now demo websites without the slightest bit of lag.

  69. al says:

    great features! thank you!

  70. Bradley Clampitt says:

    For 9 years I was on a dedicated server, to which they never offered or performed upgrade on the hardware. As I installed some of the latest software’s my website started to crawl in some ways.

    So I switched, in switching from day 1 I have noticed a BIG increase in speed overall on the website and after the updates were performed I couldn’t be happier because it just got that much better!

    It has been a pleasure working with Siteground going on 6+ months and I am looking forward to many years of happy service!

  71. Search3w says:

    It is all about service. Superhero with super customer service is the key!
    Believe me, I was (and am) hosted with othe firms. Nobody compares to the gr8 service I get with siteGround!

  72. Piet Manders says:

    Never had such a good web host with a good quality.
    They help you quickly and there is a perfect helpdesk.
    I give them a ten.

  73. Bob Clougherty says:

    It’s all about performance………….

  74. Luis Silva says:

    Great Services! Loyal customer

  75. Pablo Araujo says:

    i like this

  76. Michael Pratt says:

    My story is kind of long how I came about SiteGround.

    I do web development, and started writing a book on how to create your own using Joomla, in 6 easy short steps. I made videos to go along with the video and was NOT going to showcase any specific hosting provider.

    I needed to use one as an example, but I refused to use my current one (Aplus.Net) because it was painfully slow (the backend and the website at times) so I went to a few hosting providers and none would let me use their backend temporarily. Until I talked to a SiteGround rep who informed me they had a guest backend to test it out.

    After playing around with it for awhile I decided to do what I knew would take forever. Switch my 22 sites over to SiteGround.

    This was the best decision I have ever made with regards to my websites. Doing things in cPanel on SiteGround is fast. My websites load faster, navigation is a breeze as well.

    Well I did a 180° turn on not showcasing a specific provider in my book and in my videos, and now highly recommend this service to all of my clients (It saves me so much time when working on clients sites, I now offer a free transfer to SiteGround from any other hosting provider).

    FYI: Book is 6StepWebsite.Net and I will provide my book free to anyone interested from SiteGround, just message me from the site that you are a SiteGround customer, and I will send you a copy free (please include preferred format).

  77. gah arendsen says:

    If it wasn’t for the solid back ups i’d have lost my site in a dumb way! Thanks Siteground

  78. Charles says:

    Response times have been great since I moved my site to siteground. At least 50% faster then the other provider ever did.

  79. Jeremy says:

    Finally a website hosting with full power !

  80. Krishil S Reddy says:

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Absolutely fast, safe, secure and the friendliest customer service provided by SiteGround. I really can’t think of moving away from these guys. Absolutely Awesome! Keep up the great work and initiative SiteGroud Team!

  81. Sam says:

    Very fast servers

  82. Andrew says:

    My site hasn’t changed much over the years but I have definitely notice improvements in speed of the shared hosting I use.

  83. Juan Moreno says:

    Getting Semi-dedicated hosting is the best decision i’ve ever made, thank you guys and keep up the good work!!

  84. Jeff says:

    Our website is extremely fast. Keep up the good work!!

  85. Mark says:

    I’ve managed to cut down on my coffee drinking thanks to Siteground!!

    With my old host, my own website pages loaded slow enough for me to take a slurp of my coffee while waiting. Now due to manic load times with Siteground I don’t get chance to take a sip!

    Seriously, rapid response times, means happy customers.

    Thanks guys and gals.

  86. Mohamed says:

    Unique account security is one of my biggest concern Siteground Team is doing amazing job regarding this feature.

  87. Evans says:

    was wondering how is it siteground my pages load faster than other hosting company then this poster came out i was like “oooohhhh” 4 real site ground rocks

  88. Jonathan Daniels says:

    I Vote..


  89. Steve says:

    When we moved over www.lifetimeimages.com this month to siteground it was because our old webhost didn’t know the first thing about Joomla. The very first thing we noticed right away was how much faster it was to navigate around in Joomla’s administration panel. Then I notice how much faster the page loaded. Then I noticed all those things that didn’t work in Joomla suddenly started working. I think I’m in love! Siteground has made working on my website much easier which has helped make me even more enthusiastic about it. I am putting many hours a week into right now and I am so thankful I made the switch.

  90. Stephany Jones says:

    I love this feature! It is a relief to not have to worry about my WordPress updates.

  91. divinity says:

    I love how dependale your servers are! seven years and no down time!!!

  92. Rajani says:


    i used it and It works great

    Thank you Site ground.


  93. Phil davison says:

    I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the speed of my site when the new servers went in! Thanks for doing a great job!

  94. Martin says:

    I saw so many horrible reviews of shared web hosting that I felt I couldn’t trust any of the companies. So I tried VPS hosting. However, the technical challenges were too great for me. Also, the tech support was so bad they took down my websites by suddenly changing my IP address from their end.
    I again looked at many reviews of shared hosting accounts. It turned out that SiteGround has the best reviews. I haven’t regretted my decision to transfer my websites to SiteGround. I’m very happy to learn about all the extra services they offer, and to know they have the most up to date hardware!

  95. Dimitris Kyrgiafinis says:

    I am using the services of siteground since 2008. 0% downtime. Excellent support. I only read in electronic magazines about hacking sites. I know that my clients are safe. Thnx siteground

  96. Ams says:

    I have used various other hosting companies, but this is the only company I will not revoke my membership from. Thank you SiteGround for being just what you are :)

  97. John says:

    The Coolest the Fastest and the Smartiest Hosting of all. Thanks Siteground A++++ Services

  98. GK says:

    Great features, peace of mind !

  99. Nikos says:

    I’m using a shared Hosting Plus account. 100% uptime, fast and accurate support!

  100. Julien says:

    That is the future !

  101. Apostolis says:

    Siteground, simply, gives you what you want, when you want it, and with lower cost.

  102. Ramona E says:

    Switched from GoDaddy to Siteground after a friend recommended you and there has been no looking back! Our blog has remained secure with 100% uptime and the customer support has been the best I have encountered. I will never go back to GoDaddy! Plus this great service costs less than I was paying with them. It’s a win-win all around!

  103. Mohamed Sobhy says:

    Unique account security is my biggest concern and Siteground doing amazing job regarding this issue, Great Job Thanks

  104. Bledar Saliko says:

    Once I wok up and I find my web hacked and redirected but since i been using siteground never happened again Thank you

  105. Jake says:

    Since switching from my old host last year, I have seen my website been upgraded for free to new hardware multiple times. It’s great that siteground is always trying to give its customers bigger and better hardware. I can see a significant performance increase while using my website compared to other hosts.

  106. Aaron says:

    When I switched from GoDaddy, I thought something must be wrong with my settings and I’d get a huge AWS-style bill at the end of the month. Nope! Just lightning fast SiteGround servers and enough computing power that you don’t have to worry or even think about it – it just works.

  107. E says:

    So happy that Siteground has a Data Center in Asia as most companies only offer inferior service out here. Thank you!

  108. Saravanan P says:

    Consistent, Reliable, Powerful, and Performing servers.

  109. Eric Fox says:

    I used 2 other web hosts prior to coming to SiteGround. In the short period that I was with those companies, I experienced numerous nights of “our servers are temporarily down” due to traffic on another site being hosted. I have not once experienced that with SiteGround.

  110. Noelle Lau says:

    I like the security I never got hacked with site grounds security, when i was using other web host I got hacked a few times. I also like how site ground does not have any down time.

  111. Greg says:

    Out of all services I’ve used, Siteground has the fastest and the most reliable hosting servers!

  112. Alexey says:

    Your hosting the best in the world!

  113. Ben says:

    I’ve upgraded to a semi-dedicated plan at Siteground. The servers are very fast and the service I’ve received has been timely and excellent. Thank you!

  114. Frank says:

    great! so cool and fast!

  115. orest iwaszko says:

    Came from GoDaddy after a couple of scares . Your updates and accessible tech support is truly confidence building . ty.

  116. rybred says:

    Never had a problem with Sitegrounds hardware. We’ve been down maybe once in 3 years for a short time only. Site is always speedy. Thanks

  117. Brian says:

    It really works!

  118. Werner says:

    I was unhappy with many other suppliers.
    SiteGround really do it best!!!

  119. John says:

    Creativity of any kind can be perilous. It demands risks in ideas and ambitions. Your attention to safeguarding those who create their sites and put forward their ideas and creative juices doesn’t make the struggle to be innovative any easier but it certainly helps us concentrate more on ideas and originality rather than forever looking over our shoulders dreading the ever present Barbarians at the Gate. Cheers Siteground!

  120. Mohamed Habaza says:

    Siteground Hardware Rocks ;)

  121. chris green says:

    Fastest around

  122. ella says:

    SiteGround is really good!

  123. Luis Carlos Olivares Trinidad says:

    Hardware! By far, the best of them all. Nothing compares with deployment, building, updating, or just working in your online CRM with the speed this hosting gives. A good move for keeping me always recommending you to everyone I know.

    Some years (for me here in Mexico), Siteground was in the fifth place of the best hostings I used, now I proudly say my main site is here, in an always-improving host.

    Thanks =)

  124. Sita @ Real Food Suomi says:

    Another reason to love Siteground! Highly recommended on all fronts.

  125. Alan Chen says:

    I started using siteground back in 2009. And from day one, I have been satisfied with siteground. There’s nothing I can complain about. Whenever I run into problem, I can either go with live chat or send in a ticket, and my problem would be solved. And from 2009 until now, I have went from 1 website on siteground to 5 websites on siteground. And planning to register more on here. One of the best experience I have had with siteground was when I had to transferred a domain from GoDaddy to siteground. Make it simple, SO MUCH trouble on the GoDaddy end, and NO TROUBLE at all on siteground end. Siteground is the BEST!!!! ALWAYS!

  126. Prasanth Gandlur says:

    A really cool feature this! Not having to worry about updates is a great relief!!

  127. Andy Hoang says:

    I’ve been using Siteground for more than 5 years to host my personal and professional projects and have always found them to be great. Love the fact you get unlimited everything. I don’t always need infinite SQL databases but it’s just good to know that I don’t have to worry about how many I can have and don’t have to do weird complex hacks to try and get loads of applications running.

    I’m not an expert but sitegrounds service has made it a breeze to host my sites

  128. Asad says:

    I am starting to become a fan of SiteGrounds! I am more like the Man with his machine, but I can also enjoy from the fun online!

  129. Steve Blake says:

    Siteground’s performance is worth 2X what they charge. Performance is hardware, software and the people who get the work done. Great job!