DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

SiteGround DrupalCon Booth

And yet another DrupalCon went by. SiteGround team attended one of the biggest Drupal events for the year to meet some of the smartest people in the community in Barcelona this week.
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One Step to a Superior WooCommerce Store


Starting a proper online shop with WooCommerce has so far meant: buying hosting, installing WordPress and then configuring several plugins. Given the popularity of the platform, it obviously is not a terribly complicated process, but it does assume some essential knowledge.

In collaboration with Automattic, the people behind WordPress and WooCommerce, we recently started working on removing that barrier, creating a one-step solution to get online and start selling. To make it right, we had to package plenty of features and ensure absolutely no setup time on the user’s end. Today, the WooCommerce Bundle is live. It’s everything you need to start a rockstar ecommerce website, and it’s up and running, hooked up and connected, right after sign-up.
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Killing SSL SHA-1 Certificates And Making The Web A Safer Place


Recently PayPal has sent emails to many of its users informing them that SSL upgrades will be performed on their servers and SHA-1 certificates will be upgraded to SHA-256. Some people got confused what they should do when receiving these emails, as the mail that PayPal sent and the blog post they shared, giving more details to the users contain very technical information. Hence, we would like to explain to our customers how end users will be affected from the changes that PayPal makes and what they have to do. Read More

DreamBuilding With Care


Our Customer Care department just had its biggest and longest team building event ever. We went to the sea side and spent 3 totally amazing days together. As always - we would like to share our experience with you. Read More

Affiliate Success Tips Part #3: An interview with Zac Johnson


Our third interview from the Affiliate Interviews series features Zac Johnson - a veteran, highly experienced blogger and affiliate marketer. Zac runs a number of websites on blogging and making money online, as well as a podcast where he interviews some of the most successful entrepreneurs online. Zac’s success is mostly thanks to his great content strategy and persistent outreach and content promotion. Read his interview to learn more on how that helps him become such a successful affiliate.

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