Faster CPUs, More Data Centers, Bigger GoGeek Plans

When we migrated our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform a few months ago, we knew this was not just a one-time event but the base…

Hristo Pandjarov

WordPress Initiatives Manager

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Podcast Hosting with WordPress on SiteGround

If you’ve ever considered launching a podcast, this is an excellent moment. The world is in lockdown, which means not only that you probably have…

Jul 03, 2020

Harnessing the Power of Off-Page SEO: a Definitive Guide

Successful SEO (search engine optimization) requires marketers to use both on-page and off-page SEO efforts. It is the combination of these two techniques that produce long-term,…

Jul 03, 2020

When Do You Need to Hire a Programmer

If you are thinking of building a website, a web application, or a web-based store, at some point, you are going to ask yourself the…

Jul 01, 2020

What is On-Page Optimization in SEO and How to Easily Master it

When we think about optimizing content for search, many marketers will immediately get overwhelmed because they are used to hearing SEO consultants talk about formulas,…

Jun 17, 2020

How to set up a site with SiteGround

Webinar About How to Set Up Your Site on the SiteGround Platform

Last week we had the webinar “How to set up your website on SiteGround platform,” where we showed how to install WordPress or other CMS…

Jun 15, 2020

Website Challenges 2020: Have You Addressed Them Yet?

In our annual survey, we asked our clients what the biggest website challenges they foresaw encountering in 2020 were, wondering what we could do to…

Jun 10, 2020

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