The Best CMS Hosted at SiteGround

The software listed in this article are the best CMS compared and ranked based on their usage on SiteGround servers. To help you decide which open-source Content Management System is right for you, read this article and pick the best tool for you! SiteGround will provide top quality hosting service in terms of website speed and security and offer unmatched application-specific support for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or any of the other scripts listed here.

WordPress is the most widely-used CMS application at SiteGround!

WordPress started as a blogging platform, which has rapidly become the most popular one. Because of its popularity and enormous community, it has evolved a lot from its original purpose, and now it is not just a blog, but an all-in-one web publishing platform or CMS. It is often labeled as the best CMS out there. WordPress has quickly grown into the most widely used content management system hosted on SiteGround servers.

SiteGround has developed many WordPress special enhancements for its customers to increase WordPress hosting security and speed. Additionally, we provide one of the most popular WordPress tutorials and a collection of free WordPress themes.

Joomla! is one of the most loved and used CMS application on SiteGround servers. It has been a long-time "best CMS" favorite as is considered extremely powerful, with a wide range of functionality that allows you significant modifications and flexibility. Yet what sets Joomla apart from the rest of the CMS's is the amazing community that stays behind the software with its extremely democratic approach to running the Joomla! project.

SiteGround has profound expertise in hosting Joomla. Our support team was trained by one of Joomla! founders - Brian Teeman and is qualified to resolve application-specific problems. We also provide multiple free resources for this application such as free Joomla templates and a detailed Joomla tutorial. As we like to be part of the Joomla! community, we also support many of the Joomla events and our services are among the most preferred by the Joomla users worldwide.

Drupal is the third most popular free CMS application used on our servers. The application is quite popular and is also backed up by an enthusiastic community. Hosting Drupal is easy at SiteGround as we offer free installation, detailed Drupal tutorial and expert Drupal support.