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cPanel FTP accounts not migrated to Site Tools

During the migration, we recreate all relevant FTP accounts you have created yourself in the cPanel. However, some cPanel FTP accounts are not being migrated, as they become obsolete with the new setup, because there are no more addon sites. The list of FTP users that are not migrated from...

Where Are Webalizer and Webalizer FTP?

In Site Tools cPanel’s Webalizer and Webalizer FTP tools which display traffic statistics are not available in Site Tools, but you can monitor your traffic from another location. Go to Statistics > Traffic. To view detailed statistics, use the Select Period option to specify the time-frame you want to monitor....

Can I Access FTP Session Control?

In Site Tools Unfortunately, FTP Session Control is not supported in Site Tools due to low usage. In cPanel To access FTP Session Control in cPanel, you had to go to cPanel’s home page > Files > FTP Session Control.

How to access and manage FTP accounts?

In Site Tools To access and manage your FTP accounts, you need to go to Site Tools > Site > FTP Accounts. In cPanel To access and manage FTP accounts in cPanel, you had to go to Files > FTP accounts.

How to Change File and Folder Permissions via FTP Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to change the permissions of your files via FTP. You may also check this article about how to change file permissions via the File Manager in your Site Tools. How to change file/folder permissions using FileZilla Using FileZilla, connect to your account via FTP. Once connected,...

How to create, edit and delete FTP Accounts

This tutorial explains how to connect to your account via FTP. To establish an FTP connection you need an FTP account with which you can upload your files. You can also create additional FTP accounts for other users. How to create FTP accounts To add new FTP accounts, go to...

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